Skies above Claverton

We were asked to capture an image of the skies above Claverton, Bath for the Parish to use in their environment protection work.

This picture shows light pollution from several sources both man-made and natural. From left to right, the orange sodium glows are from Bradford-upon-Avon and Trowbridge and then the white glow from the Moon behind the hill and the blue white glow from the LED lighting at the University of Bath. There is a glow from Frome as well in there but it is drowned out by the Moon. The constellation of Orion is visible.

The image was taken using a DSLR on an equatorial mount and comprises 49 separate timelapse imagines stitched together using Microsoft Image Composite Editor (MICE). Images taken F3.5 ISO 1600 for 13 seconds each using a 20mm lens. The stitched image is 18.9M x 11.4M pixels and is 123MB in file size.